For Healthy Lungs

RESPOND is an essential oils combination that keeps the respiratory tract healthy, clear from any congestion and prevents any pathogenic infection. It improves the immune response to vaccination and prevents any post- vaccine allergic reactions.

RESPOND has an advantage to be given to animals through drinking water as well as sprayed (misting) over the flock or herd of animals to be inhaled during any epidemic transmissible respiratory infections or after transport or heat stress.

Composition per litre :
Eucalyptol 9%, Menthol 9%, Camphor 2%.

Dosage and Administration:

– By spraying (misting): Dilute 200 ml in 1000 L water. Spray using a fine nozzle (aerial spray or aerosol generator) over the flock at the ratio of 10L solution for 20 000 birds or 2 000 m3.
– Through drinking water:
• During respiratory infections: 200ml / 1000 L for 5 days continuously.
• Heat stress: 100ml / 1000L for 2-3 days continuously.
• Post vaccination reactions: 200 ml / 1000L for 2 days continuously after vaccination.

Goat, sheep, horse and cattle:

By spraying (misting): Dilute 1 – 2% or use as such and spray 3-4 times/day by misting for 2-3 days.
Through drinking water: 100 – 200ml / 1000L, during 24h for 3-4 days. – Milk replacers: 1 – 2ml / 10 L for 3-4 days.
Directly: 1 drop per nostril.
1 liter and 5 liter