Oravit Vit.E + Org. Se

For Stress and immunity

OraVit Vit. E + Org. Se is a blend of Vit E + Selenomethionine, Se chelated to methionine for immune enhancement and fertility boost. Selenium increases immune response and is chelated to methionine for ease in absorbtion. Higher selenium in blood increases the killing ability of the immune system against pathogens and is therefore better disease resistance. The added Vit E as tandem vitamin reduces the oxidative damage during the killing response of the immune system. Vit E + Selemethionine is a good combination of antioxidant and immune action that revitalizes the productive capacity of the before and after infection or vaccination.

Vitamin E: 50 000 mg/lā€‹
Selenomethionine: 100 mg/lā€‹

Dosage and Administration:
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Administration via drinking water

1 liter and 5 liter