Optisan Eye Contour Lotion

OPTISAN Eye Contour Lotion is made from aloe vera, witch hazel and cornflower water. It has a neutral pH, gentle with refreshing and soothing effects.

OPTISAN effectively removes the deposits due to the lachrymal secretions and dirt skirting the eye of the dog or cat. Use regularly to allow to keep the eyes beautiful and free from dirt, dust and other possible allergens. Apply the OPTISAN Eye Contour Lotion to a piece of cotton wool. Gently clean and massage around eyes and whiskers at least twice a week. It is very safe and can be used as often as necessary, or as directed by the physician.

Safety instructions :

· Keep out of reach of children.

· For topical use only and should not be consumed.

· Do not pour in the eyes of the pet. In case of contact, flush eyes and seek medical advice if irritation persists.