Complete Gut Conditioner

MYCOBION is a digestive performance enhancer for poultry and other livestock animals. It contains acids, yeast extracts rich in MOS, beta- glucans, nucleotides and other essential vitamins and minerals. mycobion supports the control of harmful bacte- ria, stimulate beneficial intestinal flora, liver stimulation, to enhance immunity response, and has pronounced anti-mycotoxin activity.

Yeast extracts​  200 000 mg​, Phosphorus​ 60 000 mg​, Citric acid​ 80 000 mg​, Betaine​: 20 000 mg​, Lactic acid​, 80 000 mg​, MPG 120 000 mg​

Dosage and Administration:

Broilers and Layers: 1 liter in 1000 liters of water during 3 to 5 days.
Dairy cows: 250 ml per dairy cow once or twice per day during 4 to 7 days to treat ketosis.
-To reduce ketosis risk: 125 ml per day for 8 days mixed in the feed intake or water.
Sheep: 50 ml once or twice per day during 3 to 5 days at the time of ketosis.
-To reduce ketosis risk: 25 ml per day for 5 days.

1 liter and 5 liter