Optimizes Liver Performance Naturally.

LIVOBEC is a liver performance enhancing combination exclusively made for breeder and commercial poultry birds. It improves the growth and productivity of the broiler and layer flock by optimization the feed utilization, digestion and better metabolism of fat in diet.

Farms on LIVOBEC experience lower incidence of fatty liver syndrome, reduced early chick mortality due to retained yolk sac, and high quality yolk in eggs and strong shell. It gives better weight gain (improves FCR) and egg production, higher immune response to stress, lowers cannibalism, increases hatchability, enhances chick liveability and yields better carcass quality.

Vitamins: Choline chloride, Betaine, Vit PP​
Methionine, Mg, Na, Sorbitol​
Plant extracts: Boldo extract, Artichoke​

Dosage and Administration:
Poultry: 1 ml/l for 3-5 days​
Cattle, horses and camels: 50-100 ml/head/day​
Swine, sheep and goats: 25-50 ml/head/day for 3-5 days​
Dogs: 5-10 ml/animal/day​

1 liter and 5 liter