For Healthy Kidneys

Kidney is responsible in diverse metabolic and excretory function that maintains a balance composition of body fluids, removal of waste and toxic products and conservation of electrolytes. A compromised kidney disrupts waste excretion can lead to accumulation of uric acid crystals. Growth depression and mortality can be due to high uric acid in blood and uric acid deposits.

KLYREN is specially designed for drinking water application for ease and quick application.
KLYREN encourages flushing out of uric acid crystals and is vital in improving water intake.

KLYREN is a combination of herbal extracts fortified with ingredients enhancing kidney function during renal disorders such as urolithiasis, crystalluria, renal form of infectious bronchitis, ascites and gout, and also during sulphonamides and other antibiotics, and also during mycotoxicosis and hepatitis treatment.


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Dosage and Administration:

Treatment: 1 ml / L of drinking water for 3 to 5 days.
Prevention: 0.5 ml / L of drinking water twice weekly


1 liter and 5 liter



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