Kly Carnitine

Ideal for improving metabolic function in poultry

L-carnitine is a nutritional supplement having fat-burning property and plays an important role in lipid metabolism, and energy release, and also improve the production yield, immunity, and blood constitute. Betaine plays an important role in managing heat stress, and many important functions in the health and performance of chickens.

L-Carnitine, Betaine HCL, Sorbitol syrup, Magnesium sulfate and Propionic acid


  • Improve energy metabolism and performance of broiler and layer
  • Support proper function of Liver and Kidney
  • Remove and prevent excess fat in the liver
  • Improve egg production, fertility and hatchability
  • Antioxidant effects and improving semen quality
  • Ensure proper body weight of day-old chicken (DOC)
  • Improve blood biochemical parameters

Dosage and Administration:
1-2 ml per liter of drinking water for poultry. The maximum duration of use is 10days.

500 ml, 1 liter, 5 liter, 20 liter and 25 liter

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