Insect Repellant Powder

Halt Powder is a natural acaricide to repel ticks, mites, fleas and flies on dogs and cats.

COMPOSITION: Pyrethrum extract (CAS 8003- 34-7) 0.42g/kg, Lavadin oil (CAS 91722-69-9) 1.54g/kg; TP 19 biocide qs

METHOD OF APPLICATION: Sprinkle uniformly on the hair coat and rub it vigorously in the reverse direction so that it can penetrate deeper. Sprinkle more in skin- folds and on the tail- head region. Repeat every 7 days in the infested animals and throughout warm season.

WARNING AND PRECAUTIONS: Do not give bath to the dog after application; Wash hands thoroughly after application; Keep away from the reach of children; Highly poisonous to fishes; In case of any allergic reaction, consult a veterinary physician immediately.

STORAGE: Store in a cool dark place, away from direct sunlight.

PACKING: 150 gm

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