Gesund Chicken Fillet

Gesund Snacks are high quality GMO- free and gluten- free premium food for dogs made to be given during off- feed time as bites, treats and during training and performance activities.

Chicken fillet snacks are made from fresh poultry meat and peas to provide concentrated quality protein that is highly digestible and is very good for growing and adult dogs.

Chicken fillet (90 %), glycerine and pea fibers

Parameter Unit Target Min. Max.
Moisture % 25 - +8
Crude protein % 56 -3 +3
Crude fat % 2 -2 +4
Crude ash % 3.5 -2 +1
Crude fiber % 0.5 -1.75 +1.75

Shelf- life:
12 months from the date of manufacturing

Storage and transport:
Store cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.


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