Flexia Essentia Bentonite

Bentonite Cat Litter

FLEXIA ESSENTIA is a premium cat litter made from natural bentonite. It has high absorption and natural odor control keeping the tray smelling fresh and hygienic. FLEXIA ESSENTIA is unscented making it hypoallergenic. As it is natural, it is environmentally friendly and free from chemicals which are toxic to cats. FLEXIA ESSENTIA’s new dust-free and quick- clumping technology makes it quick to clean as it forms instant and strong clumps which can be scooped out and filled in without changing the entire litter box. It also makes it gentle on the paws creating a comfortable experience for cats. Clumps are strong and do not break easily even if they fall down accidentally from the scoop.

  • High Absorption
  • 100% Natural
  • Unscented
  • Strong Clumps


6L and 10L

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