ColoCalf 10% Gel

Natural Colostrum & Eubiotics Supplement



Bovine colostrum (10%), milk proteins and glycerine
Plant extracts: Chicory Inulin
Vitamins: Vitamin E
Trace-elements: Iodine, Selenium
Eubiotics: Prebiotics and Probiotics


Calcium 0.20%, Phosphorus (total) 0.17%, Sodium 0.19%, Potassium 0.1%, moisture- 50.87%, crude protein 16.70%, crude fat 2.30%, crude ash 1.33%


Vitamins– 3a700 Vitamin E11750mg/l

Anti- oxidants: E321 BHT 98mg/l

Probiotic microorganisms– 4b1700i Bacillus licheniformis (DSM 5749) 1280000 UFC/ml, 4b1700i Bacillus subtilis (DSM 5750) 1280000 UFC/ml

Trace elements: 3b202 Iodine (Calcium iodate) 153.6mg/l, 3b202 Iodine (Calcium iodate) 4.50mg/l,



COLOCALF 10% GEL is recommend to be given a supplement for neonatal calves not receiving enough colostrum due to lack of sufficient production in the cows or buffaloes, or of poor quality. It is also recommended in calves born to cows with a genetic history of calf scour; death of the mother cow or separation, or post- partum agalactia and milk fever.

COLOCALF 10% GEL is a rich source of antibodies which give immediate protection and passive maternal immunity to the calf from dreaded pathogenic diseases of digestive and respiratory origin. The intestine of the neonatal animals is capable of absorbing antibodies only for first 48 hours, and then a protective endothelium is formed which stops any antibody absorption.

The nucleotides, energy and other natural contents help the calf to quickly adapt with the new environment or transition, reducing the chances of Calf scour. They also help the intestine to mature fast and start taking external food.

Inulin (from Chicory) is a well- known prebiotic that acts as food for beneficial bacteria present in COLOCALF 10% GEL. They quickly proliferate and establish colonies in the gut, thus preventing Salmonella and other pathogens to get established (by competitive exclusion).

Selenium and Vitamin E in combination prevent stress by removing superoxide ions and preventing their formation.

Iodine prevents the occurrence of “thick neck” (goiter) and revert hypoplasia, which may be quite common in the regions with iodine- deficient soil. Selenium is also found to be deficient in such soil condition, which is already supplemented in the gel.

COLOCALF 10% GEL prevents any deficiency due to lack of feeding of colostrum feeding. It can be safely given along with calf milk replacers (CMR) and enhances their performance.



Insert the 60ml COLOCALF 10% GEL syringe in the calf’s mouth to the back of the mouth and release it slowly till the syringe is empty. Ensure that the calf has swallowed the entire content. Give another syringe 6 hours later if necessary.


Pack: 60 ml syringe

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