Caviara Fresh-Cut Kitten

Caviara Fresh-cut Feline Kitten is regular adult cat food in economical range. It is GMO-free and glute-free making it a safe and healthy diet for the cats. It is made from the choicest meat derived from fresh chicken and fishes, which ensures adequate protein supplementation and potato starch for good digestion, minerals and vitamins besides yeast and vegetables for good health. It is the best quality food like we humans eat. It contains everything that is required for good health, bones, hair coat, healthy functioning of the glands and organs.

Weight (kg) Indoor cat (75 kcal ME/kg 0.67; g/day) Normal active cats (100 kcal ME/kg 0.67; g/day)
2 30 40
3 40 55
4 50 65
5 55 75
6 65 85
7 70 95
8 75 105

*Energy content in kcal ME/100 g (calculated after NRC, 2006a): 383

The indications are to be used as approximates. The individual caloric requirement depends on the breed, activity and environment. For sensitive dogs, it is suggested to split the daily amount in at least two meals. If additional snacks are fed, the daily ration has to be reduced accordingly. Always provide enough fresh drinking water.

750g, 2.5kg and 7.5kg