For Better Digestion and Assimilation

Product Description

 CaniGut is an organic pre- and probiotic for dogs made from a specific Saccharomycescerevisiae strain that restores the intestinal flora. It optimises digestion thereby increasing the nutrient absorption. It is recommended for dogs with digestive disorders, disturbed intestinal flora, loose or hard stools, general fatigue. CaniGut restores the natural base-acidity balance of the digestive tract and esures a balanced intestinal microflora. It  boosts the dog’s general health and assists to a smoother ageing process for your dog.


Probiotic: Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast extract; Prebiotics: Inulin and Chicory root extract; Lucerne extract, Phytomatolithon calcareum (marine algae) and meat flavor. No added preservatives used.

Recommended usage

1gm per 10kg body weight, once daily continuously for 7 days. Administer mixed with food.


90g powder

1g measuring spoon included