Discover Klybeck

Who we are


We are a truly global biosciences-led business where research, technology and groundbreaking innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We pride ourselves on leading a new stream in the Life Sciences domain whilst being customer and consumer-centric, answering real needs in the market.


We have a world-class team, experienced and dedicated to deliver innovative solutions to the highest standards. We believe in the potential of teamwork and in the energy of our creativity – our people are our biggest asset.


Science is at the core of our strategy and hands-on action plans all-over our organizations. We believe Science has the power to shape a better future for all.

Our foundations

We accomplish our goal of fulfilled and satisfied customers and end users through our business pillars.

Our business engagement pillars

  • People and Strategy
  • Science
  • State-of-the-art Manufacturing
  • Global presence

Principles and values

Our Principles and Values reveal why we exist, what we aspire to achieve, the code of conduct we treasure, how we will attain our objectives and the promise of our brand to our shareholders, business associates and customers.


Meaning permeates our company strategy. All our actions and plans reflect our driving force which is to build meaningful solutions for our people, customers and end users. Success and revenues are the consequence of such plans and actions. We do not compromise our high value standards. Our Mission and beliefs are the guiding force behind everything we do as a business. We do not limit ourselves to one focus or business, we exist for the long run. We are in permanent development, in constant evolution, that is how we make a difference. We strive to inspire people by understanding their needs, motivations and how can we positively impact in their lives. Customer fulfillment is our priority, policies and guidelines are secondary. We adapt and react faster to market changes to bring better solutions that better help customers solve their business challenges.

The seven Klybeck values

Integrity and high moral standards

Respect for people






Meet the team

At Klybeck, we are looking for experienced candidates who have passion for animals and who desire to develop and grow. Klybeck provides opportunities to collaborate within a team and awards excellence.

How we can help you?
If you want to get to know us better or learn what we can for you, please contact us directly.