Benefits of Lamb Dog Food

Benefits of Lamb Dog Food

Dogs need protein to build, heal, and maintain muscle tissues and to protect and regulate body activity. Protein also supports the immune system, and creates hormones and antibodies. Protein is essential for muscle, skin and hair coat and is also used by the body to make antibodies for the immune system and hormones like insulin. Lamb is an excellent novel protein option for your dog that is packed with protein, vitamins and nutrients, essential for your dog. Lamb has essential amino acids and is a good source of dietary fats, which help sustain energy. The red meat also offers  plenty of vitamins and minerals that support muscle development and encourage optimum skin and coat health in dogs. Lamb can be a better option for dogs who suffer from food sensitivities or food allergies caused by other protein sources such as beef or chicken.

Why Lamb?

  • Great Protein source: Protein is one of the most important macronutrients for your dog.
  • Right Amount of Fats: One of the benefits of lamb dog food is that it provides the perfect amount of dietary fat. Fatty acids are used to transport fat-soluble vitamins to be digested and appropriately utilized in the body. Additionally, they are a necessary component to support your dog’s growth and overall health.
  • Alternative Food and Flavour in Allergies: If your dog has a food allergy to familiar protein sources, like beef or chicken, then lamb may be recommended. The fact that many dogs aren’t exposed to Lamb diet , therefore, the likelihood of being allergic to Lamb is quite low.
  • Great Taste: Dogs love the taste of lamb. If you own a fussy eater , one of the significant benefits of lamb dog food is the ease to feed.

Why Rice?

Rice is a very healthy and tolerable source of carbohydrates, it is commonly added in their regular dog food or special diets that are designed for their illnesses. Veterinarians mostly prescribe a rice diet for dogs that are suffering with food allergies. Rice is found useful in certain health problems and illnesses of dogs like disturbed digestive health, diarrhoea, upset stomach, loss of appetite, digestive diseases like colitis, and other colonic problems.

What should I look for in a Lamb & Rice dog food?

When you’re looking for a lamb dog food, lamb isn’t the only ingredient you should pay attention to. Like you, your dog can’t get all of the nutrition he needs from a single ingredient, so look for a dog food that is complete and balanced and formulated for your dog’s age and activity level. A complete and balanced lamb and rice dog food, for example, will provide your dog with all the nutrition he needs, from protein and fat to vitamins and minerals. In addition, if your dog is over the age of eight, you might want to switch to a diet which is soft on the stomach and skin.